Documentation / SSH Shell Aliases

SSH Shell Commands

Shared commands can be found in config/aliases file.

Do NOT allow users to run commands that require user input. Such commands would effectively block the session as user input redirection is not supported yet.

Remember that users may use aliases to access files that are outside their root directory!


# comment
mycommand1=path_to_exe arg1 arg2 arg3 ...
mycommand2=path_to_exe arg1 arg2 arg3 ...

Special parameters


Alias definition Command Result Comment
foo=C:\foo.exe "$1" foo "Hello World!" C:\foo.exe "Hello World!" Parameters will map one to one
foo=C:\foo.exe $1 foo "Hello World!" C:\foo.exe Hello World! Parameters will be expanded
do=cmd.exe /c "$@" do "dir /s" cmd.exe /c "dir /s"
do=cmd.exe /c "$*" do dir /s cmd.exe /c "dir /s"
whatever="$@" whatever git status "git" "status"
*="$0" "$@" git status "git" "status"

Documentation / SSH Shell Aliases