Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the web administration tool?

The service runs at http://localhost:8880 by default. Make sure the service is running (Buru SFTP Server Web Administration).

I cannot start the server - getting YamlDotNet.Core.SemanticErrorException

Make sure your configuration files are formatted properly. See YAML Wikipedia page for more details. Keep in mind that, unlike XML, whitespace is significant in YAML. Always use 2 spaces for indentation (no tabs).

My trial period ended - what do I do now?

You have to buy a license. If you are eligible for FREE edition you can download it here.

How do I upgrade to a new version?

Stop the services, backup your configuration folder (/config), overwrite the existing files and copy backup of your config files back. There will be an installer one day, we promise!

I bought the server and received the license. What now?

If you have your web administration tool running, simply log in, click in the bottom-left corner (license info) and paste the license there. If not, replace config/license.key with the new license (and restart the services).

I just changed the server configuration and nothing happened!

Restart the SFTP service for the changes to take effect.

User cannot write to his folder - what now?

Make sure the service user (NetworkService by default) has write access to the folders.

Web configuration tool cannot change any setting - what now?

Make sure the service user (NetworkService by default) has write access to the config folder.