Buru SFTP Server is a lightweight SSH server with SFTP and SCP support. The package also contains an optional Web-based Administration (WA) tool, but every feature is also configurable by command-line interface or configuration files.


Buru SFTP Server has only standalone distribution. All you need to do is to unzip the downloaded package. If you wish to register the application as Windows Service and add an initial user, run buru.exe install. All actions performed by the 'installer' can be scripted - see command line documentation here and here. Note that the install command does not copy the application anywhere else.

License information

The application is distributed in two variants:

Owners of beta licenses are eligible to use version 1.0 and free upgrades for one year. Download the trial version and your current license.


If you haven't registered the application as Windows Service, simply delete the folder you extracted the package to. Otherwise run buru.exe uninstall.

Notable files

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